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Oral evaluation
Teeth Whitening - 45 Min
*with FREE Hygienic Cleaning
99 €
Composite filling 1 surface
55 €
Dental IMPLANT Treatment*
*includes Titanium Implant, Abutment, and Crown
990 €
Porcelain Crown
220 €
Zirconium Crown
390 €
Single tooth extraction
35 €
Enamel microabrasion
65 €
Inlay composite/resin, one surface
70 €
Onlay, zircon/ceramic, three surfaces
350 €
Denture prosthesis (removable)
250 €
Porcelain veneers
370 €
Extraction of impacted tooth
45 €
Partial cast upper or lower denture
160 €
Root canal treatment (single)
100 €


Baltic Dental Services is pleased announce our 2017 FREE Deep Hygienic Cleaning + Dental Examination Offer.  From now until September 30, any patient receiving our 99 € Pola Plus® Teeth Whitening Procedure will receive a Deep Hygienic Cleaning and Professional Dental Exam,


The Pola Plus® Tooth Whitening System is one of world's most popular teeth whitening technologies, delivering truly amazing results in under 30 minutes. It's your express ticket to that bright Hollywood Smile you've always wanted.
So don't pay for your local dentist's next vacation when you can receive professional whitening, cleaning and dental examination all for ONLY 99 €!!

This offer won't last forever, so why wait?      Call and reserve your place today!

Offer Expires: Friday, September 30, 2017