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Questions - Answers

I've heard about dentists in Hungary and Poland, but Latvia?

Yes, Latvia. We may be a small country but our people are some of the most educated and advanced in Europe. In decades past our university education system was the pride of the Soviet Union. Now, after 15 years of independence, the level of technical and professional practice is equal to anywhere in Western Europe. Indeed, many of our Medical College professors are Western European and North American doctors and dentists of Latvian ancestry now returning to their home country to teach and practice. All the dentists at Baltic Dental Services actively continue their education, staying abreast of the latest research and procedures.

Do you treat many patients from Western Europe?

Yes, surprisingly quite a few. Tourism to the Baltic States is growing at an astounding rate. Dental tourism is part of that growth. Most of our patients are coming from the UK, but also Germany, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. We even had several patients from the U.S. who told us that they paid for their trip 3 times with the savings. Take a look at some of our foreign patient comments:

  • "Riga was beautiful and my teeth never looked better...brilliant!" Claire Sheffield, Merseyside, England
  • "Ausgezeichneter Service und Betreuung!" Ute Cornelius, Frankfurt, Germany
  • "I was a little skeptical of Eastern European dentists, but no more...Great job!" Steven Treenor, Austin, USA
  • "So glad I found you...saved me over 2000 Euro on the crowns and veneers...Thank You!!!" Joanne M., Dublin, Ireland

Why is Latvia a better choice for dental treatment?

To be sure, the most compelling reason to travel to Riga for your dental treatment is price. Incomes in Riga are about 30% of Western levels. Likewise, so prices are also much lower. So for complicated or extensive treatment such as multiple implants, crowns or bridgework, the savings can be very attractive. In fact, it could mean the difference between getting the work done you need, or suffering with a worsening condition.

Are the materials and techniques used by Baltic Dental Services the same as found in Western clinics?

Absolutely. Our dental clinic in Riga is staffed with experienced and highly educated Latvian dentists and technicians. We are fully equipped with current and advanced technology. We use supplies from Germany, Sweden and the U.S. The same for the dental laboratory. We have made continuous investments in our equipment and our people.

How much lead time do you need for an appointment?

Sometimes as little as 1 hour. We are very flexible in our scheduling policy. Sometimes patients will call us with a problem, such as acute dental pain, and we can see them that same day, no problem. For complex procedures involving extensive oral surgery we like to have at least 48 hours to block the necessary time. Even so, it has always been our policy to work during the weekend or late into the evening if the situation or patient schedule requires it. If you need us, we will be there for you!

How long will I need to stay in Riga?

The answer to this question depends on your type of treatment and the procedures employed. Needless to say, fillings and extractions are procedures with the shortest duration. If you require treatment involving casts and laboratory work such as Inlays, Dentures or Implants, you may need to stay a few days longer. That's why we recommend you send us your treatment plan first so we can furnish a comprehensive estimate to help you plan the length of your visit to Latvia.

Will there be a language barrier?

Not at all. Our dentists read and speak several languages since they must be able to read technical journals printed in Western countries. For example, our Dr. Olga Galkina speaks 5 languages including Italian and Norwegian. However, we are very sensitive to this point and can furnish a special guide and companion, not only to translate if necessary, but also to assist in all other ways during your visit to the clinic. You can always have someone with you during treatment.

How and when should/can I pay?

We ask you to pay your bill when services are rendered, which is generally on the last day of treatment. We accept cash, all major credit and debit cards and travellers cheques. If treatment is rendered in stages, then some partial or pro-rata payment may be requested.

What about on the ground transport?

There's a variety of transportation choices from the airport, or you may want to rent a car for more extensive travel in Latvia. This of course depends on your tour goals and available time. Fortunately, most of our city hotels and apartments are just a few minutes walking distance from our clinic. Riga center is not very large and it is an easy city to navigate.

Can you do a complete booking including flight tickets?

Theoretically yes, however when the client controls this aspect of their travel, they are much better able to minimize cost since they have control over their own schedule. Therefore, we recommend that our customers make their own flight booking. We recommend Air Baltic and Ryanair for the lowest air fares into Riga Airport.